gay and bald

Fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck
I hate it when I can’t get my thoughts straight.
Sometime I spend more time around gay people than straight. But there is still something that doesn’t look right about a balding, pudgy middle-aged black guy snuggling up to another of the same. I blame WIll and Grace. All gay people are pretty and young. Aren’t they?
Freudian slip… straight thoughts… gay men. Something there maybe.

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  1. Will&Grace, love the show, I need a few gay friends like that to keep me laughing, and keep me in style, LOL
    In real life, one of the gay guys really is gay, but the other is playing gay. The shows quick witt keeps me watching their reruns on ch.39, Houston,Tx.
    Young and beautiful, gay or straight, is how we like to imagine most people, no??? For instance, we don’t like to imagine anyone older than 40 making love, with the exception of Robert Redford, speaking for myself, of course! (wink)

  2. Speaking of friends, gay or straight, why do I have so few? Not hello, goodbye ones, but the ones who move furniture 12 times for you and pick you off the floor when you’d rather stay there and just die of self-loathing……internet friends don’t count….or do they???
    They can’t hug you when you really just need a hug, and they can’t tell when you’re not fine even when you say you’re fine.

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