And just to prove, yet again, that I have no lie outside the couch…
1. The West Wing
What crack addict thought up the concept for tonight’s show? And have they never watched the series before? Somewhere out there, Aaron Sorkin is rolling over in a crack house.
They idea behind the episode is to show it as if part of a behind-the-scenes documentary. So everyone acted different. Talked different. Was less comfortable visually. You saw whole teams of people not in the regular series. You saw ways of doing things not done in the regular continuity.
All of which might be fine if it wasn’t for the fact that the regular continuity is already supposed to be a behind the scenes, day-to-day look at what goes on in the West Wing.
By having all these people behave completely different, you’re fucking with the viewers perception. Fucking with the “suspension of disbelief”. Millions of people watch every week, already knowing that it’s fake, but following the story. So which fake “reality” is the real “fake reality”?
2. Air America Radio
It’s live!
Yippee! (copyright Sara, 1996, 1999, 2002)
Go.. listen… now.
No brain dead DJs. No political operatives. No coma-inducing talk show hosts. No recordings of petty congressmen.
Interesting people — talking like real people — to other interesting people — unscripted.
why didn’t I think of it.