7344185: the beach just drove by
Keir: huh?
7344185: the beach
7344185: it just drove by
7344185: there was a woman sunbathing on it
Keir: Ah…. I see.
7344185: big truck
7344185: flatbed
7344185: with sunlamps
7344185: and clear plastic walls
7344185: filled with Sand…
7344185: a lifeguard chair…
7344185: and a woman sunbathing
Keir: That’s kinda strange.
Keir: Neat, but strange.
7344185: what kind of oil do you think she used?
Keir: Couldn’t even begin to imagine…
Keir: Well, I could. But….
Keir: 🙂
7344185: bikini, man
7344185: it’s a nasty, dark, rainy, cold day
7344185: and the beach drove by
Keir: 🙂