And for all those who don’t really care…
I have implemented the search capability on my journal. You can now do key word searches that span the past seven or so years worth of entries. Just click on the link for “Journal” and the box is right at the top of the page.
For those of you who’ve found it…
I don’t know who sheppard dwayne caulder is. If he is related to me, you’d be better off searching my family site.
And I don’t think I ever wrote anything about teeth.
About six months ago, I started getting hit by spam in the comments on my Journal, my snapshots, my art… everything. It recently got to the point where it happens 2 or 3 times a week.
First of all, someone should really tell these idiots that NOBODY reads my website. And certianly not the comments.
But I had heard of MT-blacklist, all over the place. I checked it out and found it was very easy to install and configure.
It’s pretty intelligent in the way it functions. It blocks comments that have web addresses containing certian blacklisted words. And while the spam comments can be utter gibberish, the links have to make sense and be readable, leaving them open to this kind of blacklisting.
Anyway… it’s free. It works damn well, (having blocked every attempts to spam my site so far). So try it. It’s not just for kids anymore.
Come to think of it… this could make a very cool email spam filter. Hmmm…