I love Warren Eliis’ writing. He is a truly sick man who should be locked up far away from animals and little children. But he is an amazing writer.
But I have caught him twice now, letting me down, by reporting only part of a story, which results in a blatantly skewed view.
Last week, when Colin Powell was being interviewed, and his aid tried to stop an interview by obstructing the camera, Powell told her to get out of the way so the interview could proceed. (An amazingly honorable move by someone from the party in power.) Warren’s coverage of the incident, though, stopped at the point where the interview was interrupted right at the vital question.
Now today, he is reporting on what I will bet my wallet on will become a meme if it isn’t already. The idea that the draft could be re-instituted by next year. Overall, it’s not a new story. The party in power has been refinancing and reinvigorating the Selective Service Administration for a while now. Warren’s support for this story points to an article on Congress.org that points out there are identical bills in both houses of Congress that would institute a national service requirement for young adults. The fact that the legislation does exist, (see here and here), doesn’t mean much. The sheer number of bills introduced in congress every year that never even make it onto the floor is staggering. many of them come back year after year after year. But what really screws the pooch for this website’s credibility are some of the other articles given the same priority:
Work camps set up in the USA already by the New World Order. (Are these made the same contractors who have taken several months so far to repave the 1 block of street behind the White House?)
NESARA = THE STRUCTURE FOR A BETTER WORLD! (Wherein, a bill signed into law by “the sitting president of the United States” back in 2000 will lead to world peace where we will all immediately hold hands and since about Coca Cola).
A License to Steal which lets us know that there are evil credit card companies out there who will raise your interest rate just because… get this… you have a bad credit rating.
God help me, I hope this site is either a parody or a joke or something.
Anyway… yes, Warren Ellis specifically states that he uses diepunyhumans as a dumping ground for his research. But he has many times also shown exactly how aware he is that he has a huge attentive audience. He has used this specific site to bring new material, such as music or short fiction, “to the peoples”.
So I only hope this time he is in on the joke.