Two days ago I wrote up the letter to send out to Old Company clients who I want to take with me. I was amazed at how eloquent and professional it sounded. I’ll put up a copy here as soon as I remember to grab it from work. D approved it with no changes. So yesterday I printed up copies, had us both sign them, and sent them out. Guess I’m screwed now.
Cell phone is still a thing of beauty, though no one has actually called me yet. I’m sure that the honeymoon will end soon ’nuff.
My official last day is next Thursday.
Going to the DC zoning office tomorrow. I may or may not need a permit to work from my apartment. No one on the phone really knows. “Betty” told me to just come in prepared to apply for a permit, and someone will probably kick me out if I don’t need one. They open at 8:30 AM, and I will do my damndest to be there by 8:35.
After that, the only legalities have to do with registering with tax agencies. Waiting for advice from my advisor/friends-mom. If I don’t hear from here by tomorrow, I’m going to switch to someone else. There’s still Gretchen’s husband.
I was hoping all these clients would hold off on their regular jobs until after next week, so I could have some initial work. But one of them came in today. I sat there at my desk, saying ‘fuck’ over and again. It was the cheapest of the regular jobs though. And I know this particular client has more work coming up for conferences.
D stuck a joke in my mailbox today. A fax we received from someone trying to sell us something. Obviously a freelancer. It was full of misspellings and bad language. It didn’t look bad… It didn’t look like anything at all. The cover letter was just a blank sheet with some typing on it. The other sheets were obviously done in PowerPoint or some clipart program. D’s idea was that I would offer to help them out, since it was an easy sale to point out what they could improve. I think I may actually do it though. As soon as I get my letterhead package back from the printer, I have one or two companies I know with horrendous designs that I may just drop a letter to.
Did I mention that my letterhead was out to the printer? I came up with a design on Monday, and dropped it off on Tuesday. Costing me about $500 for the package. I got a thousand of everything. The printers are nice guys… been working with them for years. Said they would see if they could lower it anymore.
I think my cat is gonna get sick of me being home all the time.