There was a very ugly woman on the train tonight. She sat across from me as I tried to read Dandelion Wine. She wore a beautiful black dress. But underneath, she was knock-kneed and boney. She had a mustache and eyes that didn’t belong.
I think the ugly girls go to bed earlier. Normally when I come back from the boonies, it’s 3 AM and the car is filled with vastly intoxicated teenage girls in less clothing than Michaengelo’s David. The last set of girls I remember spent the entire 40 minute ride calling up taxi cab companies on their cell phone trying to find a ride from the last station. They were both 16 and a little cuter. Even the chubby one with the mohawk.
I’m sorry… but I still cant walk through downtown after midnight and not marvel that I’m here. I know that makes me a really big dork, and it’s only worse that I’ve been here 7 years.