The iPod went on a pretty good streak this afternoon. Right up until it hit a Hole song. I love Courtney Love, but it’s not exactly music you listen to as a means of inspiring cheer or mellowness.
Zeromancer ― Neo-Geisha
Jean Bach ― falling into atmosphere
Sinead Lohan ― Diving To Be Deeper
Laura Cantrell ― I Still Miss Someone
Belly ― Feed the Tree
Dusty Springfield ― Son of a Preacher Man
Blondie ― Call Me
While I was outbound, listening to music and admiring many beautiful women, I stopped at the used book sale hosted by the Cleveland Park Public Library. A bit anemic, but they had a reasonably large science fiction section. Picked up Rudy Rucker’s Software, and a first printing of Phillip K Dick’s first novel, Solar Lottery. I also found a copy of Bradbury’s Dandelion Wine, which I read this summer. Since they were only charging 10 cents for SciFi paperbacks, I picked it up, and am sure I can find someone I can pass it on to. Should have grabbed the copy of Canticle for Liebowitz, as well. Hell, for 10 cents a book, I should have grabbed anything vaguely interesting.
It’s a rather quiet weekend for me. Some friends are away. Some are ignoring me. Some went to the Renaissance Faire. Would have liked to gone to the faire, but the trip was being organized by Autumn, and she currently hates me. Come to think of it, that’s probably why Kier is offline.
I’m really looking forward to Monday night anyway… enough to make me wish I could blink my eyes and be there. Visqueen is playing a local club, for the first time since I started listening to them. One of their only two shows even remotely in the area. I invited many people, but Kier is the only one who showed any definite interest. Don’t really care… for Visqueen, I would go alone. And since the show is on a Monday night, there’s probably no danger of not being let in.
I think my brain has just gone to bed for the night. Best sign off now.