Didn’t accomplish jack shit, this week.
Since Tuesday, I’ve had this throat-infection thing. It tried to start out as the flu, but the muscle pain went away relatively quickly. The pain in my throat, however, kept getting worse. I was awoken at 4 in the morning on Friday, ready to go the the hospital, (because no doctor would be open at that hour). Instead, I finished a bowl of ice cream to numb my throat, and got back to sleep just as the sun was coming up. I wasn’t feeling as bad about myself though, because while eating, I’d watched a documentary on terminal salmonella caused by contaminated ice cream.
By the time I’d woken up yesterday, despite still feeling bad, there was a definite improvement. The soreness is gone today, but the coughing is still there. It’s that really pitiful coughing you get when your chest muscles can no longer really hock a good wad of phlegm up. I sound like someone who’s been smoking for 40 years.
All in all, a good reason not to go out tonight. Clubs are full of cigarette smoke and loud music, which must be talked over. And considering I still sound like Barry White every morning when I wake up, I don’t need the additional strain.
Good thing it was slow this week with work. Looks to be much busier next week.
Incidentally… I would like to thank all my family and friends for not wondering why I had dropped off the face of the earth.
Note to everyone in business out there, who must accept large files online: Get a real FTP site. If you have something you call an FTP site, and the address starts with “www”, then you don’t know what you’re talking about. If you want me to use my web browser, you don’t know what you’re talking about. Web sites are NOT FTP sites. Web (usually done via HTTP) and FTP are 2 totally different protocols. They have completely different feature sets. They have completely different software. You will note the difference in software the first time you try uploading that 80 megabyte tiff via that form on your website. I have never seen a web browser that gracefully, or even humanely, handles large file uploads. (And if it’s a small file, just email it). Frankly, they all suck at it. They crash. They time out. They never show you the progress. Whereas true FTP is industrial strength file transfer at it’s best. The better clients make the process almost second nature. You know exactly what is happening the whole time. I’ve never had an FTP client crash on me. They don’t choke, because they’re actually built to upload files. If something should happen to your upload, you can often resume it from where it left off. You know you need an FTP server, or else you wouldn’t be calling your web page by that name. So please… do it right.
Some politician’s website lifted an image from my ‘snapshots‘, for use on their own site. Only they hot-linked it, which meant they were leaching off my bandwidth. I dropped them a polite email, telling them they should have asked first, and would they please move it to their own server. And, you know, a photo credit would be nice. Their final solution? They lifted someone else’s photo. Someone really ought to remind them that the one thing a politician doesn’t want to get nailed with lately is copyright infringement.
Do you use iPhoto? Then go, go, go. Download Keyword Assistant. I’ve always liked the idea of keywording my photos. But iPhoto’s built in method makes it a tedious, difficult, time consuming process. It’s amazing how quick and easy KA is to use. I tagged my whole library in one sitting.