I think salespeople are the last humans on earth who still email people Word files as a default method of communication. As if putting the text in the body of the email, so that I didn’t have to launch a huge, slow, ugly, expensive program just to read it, would make it any less official. Yes… they’re often contracts with a line for a signature at the bottom. But I haven’t signed one of those in years. A verbal okay or written confirmation has become standard. And you know… I really don’t care about your logo so much that needing to see it outweighs my desire to have instant access to the information I requested.
And for God’s sake… if you absolutely must email me a document, make it a PDF! They’re cross-platform, light-weight, and easy to use. Never has a PDF crashed my computer or infected my machine with viruses.
Why do salespeople suck so much at the little things?