photo: dad & ann
A new week, a new website layout. A little something simpler, and cleaner. Done on a whim and a bit of inspiration. Fuck off the navigation until it’s needed, and let me see what I’m there to see. And by God, it’s even working in Lynx.
I did just survive a rather traumatic experience. My baby was sent away again. In the middle of some serious alien slaughtering, my poor laptop up and died. Well, the video system, anyway. It’s not like a designer needs to be able to see what they’re working on. But with a little fixing up of a temporary backup, and a lot of love from AppleCare, all is right in the world again. Seriously. There were many times I wished to write last week. But I couldn’t bring myself to sit at the desktop machine and type something meaningful. Deep thought seems to be reserved for the couch.
This was an incredibly unproductive weekend. I feel so lazy. Some movies. Some cleaning. A few drawings. Finally framed a woodcut I’ve had sitting around my apartment for six months. And something’s got my stomach in knots. I don’t know if it’s something causing problems, or just the lack of sufficient opportunity to release.
Just a quickie, I guess, tonight. Must sleep now, or tomorrow will be useless.