Never ask me if I’m busy. It’s a stupid question. The only time you can definitively answer it, is if you’re so busy just contemplating the question is making you late. Tell me what you need and then ask me if I have time.
If you’re working in the Washington, DC area, don’t use ionic columns in your logos. The icon has been used to such great extent that it’s become meaningless. There are better ways to represent patriotism, government, or democracy. And if you’re looking to represent this area in particular, DC has a much richer history than just some impersonal architecture.
Was listening to Pandora today. Caught a Johnny Cash song I didn’t recognize: 25 Minutes To Go. A little different, but I like it. Been listening to some of his older stuff since seeing Walk the Line.
Cherry Blossom Festival starts this weekend. Given the nasty weather lately, I wonder how the blossoms are doing.