Walk the Line

Went to see Walk the Line tonight, with Shannon, Ash, et co. Joaquin Phoenix really did an amazing job of mimicking Johnny Cash, right down to the smallest nuance.
Random fact: Once of the songs used in the movie, Dark was the Night, by Blind Willie Johnson, was one of the recordings included on the Voyager spacecraft.
Some of the story line was kind of getting to me though. Not literally, so much as relatively, in how it compares to my own life. Most of the time, lately, there’s been something just on the edge of perception that’s bugged me. Left me feeling slightly queasy. It makes it hard to work; hard to concentrate. I can still pound out the non-creative work with no trouble. But I can’t focus on the important stuff. And I haven’t done any personal artwork in a while.
The artwork, I can just find some time and do. And once I “do”, I’ll feel considerably better. The rest of it is a combination of things. Some of it is not doing the bigger things I know I should do, especially related to my business. The day-to-day is a hard thing to see past. And some of my problems are caused by several ruts I find myself in. And for both situations, the best way for me to react is a cold turkey change. I have to break my daily routines, and live with what’s best instead of what’s most comfortable. Comfort does nothing for me, but accomplishment gives me… ‘warm fuzzies,’ as that shrink said back when I was… 2… 3?
The only problem is that all those thoughts come in the middle of a movie out in the suburbs. And when I say “a sudden drastic change”, I mean sudden. While the movie was great, and there was no way I would walk out on it, every fiber of my being was telling me to get back home and change something.
Wow… I’m being… like… meaningful, and shit.
God I could go for some chocolate.

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  1. Sunshine aka autumnal

    that is pretty scary. Meaningful.
    Good luck with change – your true friends will love you anyway. I myself ranted almost two months ago and here I sit in exhaustion. Yep – that’s right – exhaustion. Too many others are fighting to get out too.
    Chocolate = excellent sub for sex. Still have leftovers from V-day.
    Are you becoming “the movie guy”?

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