Thought I would post this out there, since unless I had needed to renew my domain names, I wouldn’t have discovered this.
Do you use RegisterFly?
Registerfly, a domain name seller, is in the process of going out of business the hard way. I don’t know all the causes, though i saw something about deceptive marketing and such. But ICANN has pulled their accreditation. After various lawsuits, it appears registerfly is giving up.
Godaddy is assuming control of all domain truly registered with Registerfly. But Registerfly originally was just a reseller. All those names are defaulting back to the original company. (Usually eNom).
Of course, if you’re like me, you may have used Registerfly’s spam-prevention service which replaced your email addresses in the whois data with a temporary address. But that service is no longer functioning, and I can’t change those addresses in my whois data.
eNom, thankfully, has a process where you send them screenshots and a copy of your license and such, (not very secure,… but what are they gonna do?!). They were very clear and helpful so far. And godaddy seems to be doing their best as well.
Registerfly has been a bitch throughout the entire thing. They’re still taking orders but not fulfilling them. As of last night, their site still says nothing about any of this. They’ve disconnected and unlisted all their phones, and are not answering email.