I think maybe I need something new in my bag.
I carry a bag. It’s really a purse by any other name. But it’s big and bulky and I take it everywhere. It’s the stuff I need on an average day while traveling through the greater Washington area. There’s an umbrella so I don’t have to check the weather report every time I want to run out. There’s a book, because you can be sure no matter where you’re going and how you’re getting there, you will have to wait, at some point. There’s my camera. Originally I said that this city was so crazy that you needed to always keep the camera with you, on the off-chance that something interesting suddenly took place in front of you. But now, I’d say it’s just because I’m a photography fanatic. My iPod is usually in there somewhere, too. And I like the bag, because it’s big enough and generic enough to hold all this and more. Most photo bags or courier bags are too specialized to hold an umbrella, or the book.
But I want some kind of vacuum pack of supplies for a night out. The odds seem to be pretty even that any time I go to a planned ‘event’ with my friends, I won’t come home ’til the next day. But I hate wandering around greasy and feeling grungy. So I just want to vacuum-pack a t-shirt, boxers, and a comb, maybe. Enough so I can walk into someone’s bathroom in the morning and come out feeling like I won’t scare yuppie families in the park.
Just… you know… something the size of those little travel umbrellas or smaller. Or is part of the fun of going out, in coming home completely burned out and in need of showering?