I think I love Navicat.
I have used it as a desktop-based, graphical user interface for various databases. It can handle MySQL, PostgreSQL, and Oracle databases. Has every conceivable option for connecting to said databases. (Most of my clients’ only allow for local access: no problem. VPNs? Secure servers? no problem.). No problem with any type of data manipulation.
It’s been great for setting up a staging server, and then cloning it to the final server.
But where it’s repeatedly really saved my ass is the backups. At the most basic level, it does great one-click backups and restores. But when you then add a scheduling capability that doesn’t even require the application to be running at the time, …
I’ve had hacking attempts on databases. I’ve had just plain fuckups. Today I had an ISP who corrupted every database when they upgraded MySQL. And with 1 click, the site was back up and running.
No… I don’t know anyone who works for Navicat. And they’ve never given me anything. If anything, I think they charge too much. But the reality is it’s worth it. When something works so well and is better than anything else I’ve tried, I like to share.