must kill someone.
I have always thought it incredibly stupid how every building wants you to sign in unless you work or live there. There’s absolutely no security value to it.* Even if I didn’t go to the mental effort of giving a fake name, it’s not going to stop me from doing ‘bad things’.
But this one building has decided I also have to show them my ID to get in. Not just a business card, or anything. Has to be an ID. Well yes, that shows I went to some effort to prove an identity, (though not necc. my real one). But it doesn’t actually make the building any more secure. Still not gonna stop me from doing ‘bad things’. Still not gonna make it easier to find me afterwards, if I have half a brain.
But it is an invasion of my privacy. I don’t want another record out there of every place I visited on a given day.
The smarter buildings just ask you who you’re going to see, which is perfectly reasonable. Still not secure… but it roughly lets them know who to talk to if something goes bad.
The white house, last time I went, didn’t want to see my ID at all. And it’s supposedly a pretty secure building.
So I left. Got home and sent a message to the printer in the building telling them that so long as that was their landlord’s policy, that they would have to come to me if they wanted my business.
Yes it’s generally a stupid little thing. But I put up with more than enough of those… I don’t need to put up with the ones that mean something to me.
*okay… yes. if you’re dealing with morons, this might be of some benefit. When we had a prostitute working upstairs, it was amazing to watch the guys come in and be completely unable to maintain the simplest story about where they’re going and what for.