worried about drinking

When I didn’t drink, I would write about how people who did drink reacted strangely to it.

Now I do drink, and I am concerned when I write about it because I get non-drinkers who seem to be worried about me getting drunk.


Of course I’m more likely to write about those parties or nights out where I got drunk. It’s a more interesting night with more to discuss. No one wants to hear about every half glass of wine I have with dinner at a friend’s place.

I’ve got no cravings to drink on a regular basis. I purposely don’t drink to relieve a bad day. And while yes, I do talk more freely when drunk, I don’t need to be drunk in order to say things to people.

Be worried if you want. But I think I’m way too conscious of my drinking for it to become a socially or mentally induced addiction. And if I have a physical addiction (which I have shown no signs of), then there’s not much I can do about that, until it happens.

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  1. Shannon

    Physical addiction to alcohol takes commitment. Seriously, one has to drink heavily for a prolonged period.
    People worry too much.

  2. patrick

    I was thinking along the lines of the idea that people could be physiologically predisposed to alcoholism based on inherited traits. ‘Cause only slightly more than half of my family would have qualified at one time or another in their lives.
    It’s admittedly a relatively small concern, though, or I never would have had a drink in the first place. And even if it’s true, i think what makes you human is the ability to overcome those things you’re predisposed to.

  3. Yeah, light drinking never nets good stories. No one winds up puking out of your car window at 70 miles an hour after a glass of wine with dinner. Now that was a good story. Only time I ever had to clean someone else’s vomit off of my glasses. Or anyone’s, for that matter.

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