I’ve been looking for years for a decent “To Do” application. Much as I hate the idea of it, I am much more productive at work when I have lists to keep me organized. (10 – 15 jobs at any given time, with various stages in each…)
Something that lets me create a list, with child items. Allows me to very simply prioritize items. Make changes on the fly with little effort. I want to be able to check off items, and collapse items for simpler views.
I don’t want feature bloat. I don’t like most of the “GTD” applications and ideas, because they’re more impressed with their lists than what they can accomplish with them; and they often rely on multiple interlocking lists. If I have to think about this list, it’s blown its point.
While I found a couple that seemed promising, they all either were too expensive or were not available for my version of the computer’s OS. So I’ve just kept the idea on the back burner for a year or so, assuming I would pursue it the next time I upgrade the OS.
Today… looking for a video program in my Applications folder, I realize one of the bundled free applications this computer came with (quite a while ago) was OmniOutliner.
Which does… you know… exactly what I need in exactly the way I want. Already licensed. Sitting ’round. Waiting for me to … well… you get the idea.