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So last night as I’m heading out the door, I get a call saying I can come pick up my replacement lens, today. Whee!
So… I head out the door. And I end up having a very enjoyable night. To the point where I’m sitting on the Metro on the ride home, realizing I’m smiling like an idiot. Probably freaking out people across from me.
I fell asleep on the couch. So when I rolled over and finally opened my eyes this morning, I was facing the bay windows. And the first sight of the day was a crystal clear, deep blue sky. The white curtains were swept back, and three of my favorite portraits were propped up against the wall.
I wake up, just in time to get a call from one of my clients saying that, without provocation, they had negotiated a 50% increase in my fee for a monthly project I do.

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  1. Isn’t so wonderful when life pans out like that? 🙂

  2. Awesomeness! I usually just wake up to the dog standing on my hair.

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