Don’t be a dick, when you get drunk.

I can live with drunk people getting loud. And they can even get reasonably obnoxious when they’re drunk. (I have one friend who gets very adamant about everything when drunk). But don’t be a dick.

Don’t be the guys who dragged me from my group of friends so they could take a picture with me in my (non-existant) costume, this weekend. Don’t be the guy who ripped the pole out of the fence at 2 in the morning, (Because I promise you, I will pre-emptively kick your ass as fast as possible if you take even a step towards me after that). Don’t be the townie who crashed the con to “find a party dude” and write graffiti on every wall you passed.

Get drunk. Say stupid things. Trip and fall. Have sex with inappropriate people. But don’t be a dick.