One of the more disturbing things we found in this house was in the basement. A few weeks after moving in, we were checking out things down there. We’d sealed some doors and pumped in some expanding foam in a few holes. On our way out the back door, Heidi asked me to take a look at the window that was obviously behind a flap in the waterproofing that covers the walls. “What condition is it in?”

“Um… not there.”


“It’s not there. There is no window there.”

“Well what’s there?”

“Nothing. It’s just a big gaping hole to the outside.”

Seriously. A hole, in the foundation, big enough for an adult to crawl through. All the renovations on this house. All the work. All the add ons. And they never fixed this hole. Completely bypasses security, locks, doors, everything.

Well, as soon as we were able, we picked up a window at Community Forklift. We framed in the window sill, and installed the new window.  It’s now as secure as any other part of the house. But it’s still probably my number one WTF moment so far.


On a more positive note, we  also installed a big 4′ x 8′ pegboard in the basement for easy storage and access to our tools. We probably should have planned ahead, though, how we were going to get it into the car to get it home.

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  1. Wha? A hole covered only by a simple flap? Wow. I don’t know how y’all thought to check there when no one else did, but so glad you did & covered it up! Those are some mad skillz, btw. Window framing & installation win!

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