A little while back, we stumbled across a table at a salvage yard (Community Forklift) that looked rough, but had a nice structure to it. It had seen better days, but I was sure I could fix it up.

And it was my favorite type of project. One that was so f’d up, that I was safe. It’s hard to be accused of ruining an antique when someone else already has. And someone else did: Someone had attacked the top of this table with a random orbit sander, and left long, distinct, spiral gouges, and large sections without finish. (You generally never use a power sander on an antique… and definitely not if you don’t know what you’re doing.) It looks like they probably then set it aside in a basement or storeroom, where it also picked up some scuffs and a little paint spatter. And then there was the dog chewing on one of the legs…

Over the course of fixing this up, I determined it has had a couple previous restorations. At least one from someone very skilled, and another from someone who probably wasn’t.

I did my best ‘sympathetic restorations’ on this. The color came out incredible, when you consider there is no stain on the piece at all.

My best guess at the age of the piece is that it’s 150, up to maybe 200 years old. This was never a piece of fine furniture. While it’s well built and beautiful, it shows rough handwork in several places. But this was fun, and it came out well, IMO.

EDIT: Forgot to mention: It’s a Pembroke Table, with Sheraton style legs.

20200524 IMG 3080

IMG 20200524 191656472

IMG 20200612 093042435

20200621 IMG 3156