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4th of July


Eldridge’s Birthday

Walking in DC

A Couple Nights Out

(I don’t know who’s photos they are… happy to credit whomever I lifted them from on FB. Gio, maybe? The last one is probably Gus.)

Since Antarctica at The Velvet Lounge

New Shoot

Since they’ve started using this shot, it should be safe to share. Was very happy to do a photo shoot a couple weeks ago with Since Antarctica. They…


Since Antarctica


Revenge of Since Antarctica

Little Miss Whiskey’s Golden Dollar

Thursday Night


Struck Match

I wrote this in a long post a couple years ago, but I really like it still, so it bears repeating: Looking back, every person I consider important…


A few friends and I… Celebrating at Jeff’s house for Halloween. Wonderful night. Friends, good, costumes, drinks, dancing, …

Christie and Jon’s Wedding

Congratulations to the new couple.

Recently at KKBB

So many awesome women in my life


They already posted the photo to Facebook, so I guess it’s safe to share… Congratulations to Jesse and Tara on their marriage. It was a beautiful day, for…