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bad does not equal evil

It’s important to remember, when you’re latching on and criticizing the man for the latest unpopular or controversial thing done by the Obama administration, that every president does…

collage chaser

I felt kinda good about today. Was an overall positive day. And I felt like I accomplished something while working. And Refresh was entertaining, if not educational, tonight.
So it’s unfortunate when I got home that my email was clogged with messages from clients whining about a pile of petty little things. Doubly depressing when, after hadling what I immediately could and filing anything undeserving of a response, I had only 1 email left. So not only did they piss on my mood, but it wasn’t in the least bit productive.
This calls for a photo collage. My recent favorites:

1. Princesa de la Tempestad, 2. Lotsa Colors, 3. light a cigarette, 4. Goddess Light., 5. artrepair8, 6. seawind, 7. tutu, 8. the promised land, 9. zlatna dolina – sarajevo, mon amour, 10. São Paulo., 11. on the drive to Yosemite, 12. Untitled, 13. yellow, 14. Reykjarvíkurnætur, 15. Sojin with Lemonade and Chips, 16. floored

Bad Website Design Tip #134

If you’re gonna put a form on your web page that checks to see what people are entering in the fields, and won’t let them move on to…

Someone give me some herbicide

You think your life is over. Well look around. You’re not the only one. — Visqueen You’re allllllllllllllllllllll going to hell. And you’re dragging the rest of us…