You think your life is over. Well look around. You’re not the only one.
You’re allllllllllllllllllllll going to hell. And you’re dragging the rest of us with you.
You put the fucking Shrub back in office. Even if you accept every single conspiracy theory, that still means wayyyy too many of you voted for this … thing. He and his administration lie and mislead as a matter of course. In the last 2 weeks of the election alone there were at least a half-dozen major lies brought to light. When challenged, their only tactic has been to ruin the life and reputation of their accuser. Every major law or legal initiative they have championed has involved the reduction or elimination of some freedom, choice, or action. They have spent obscene amounts of money in creating the largest government bureaucracy since FDR. They’ve ignored their military commanders and committed troops to places no one wanted them. They took America from being the center of pity and warm feelings after 9/11, to being nearly universally dismissed and reviled.
They’re bad leaders. Their bad commanders. They’re bad republicans. And they’re bad men.
And you fucking voted for them.