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Andrew’s “Spaceship” Birthday Party

Eldridge’s Birthday

Robin’s Getting Old

Carni-Vail / Housewarming

Stef’s 40th Every-Day-Is-Halloween Costume/Masquerade Birthday Bash

Amanda’s Birthday Unicorn Carnival

Shannon’s Birthday 2010


Spent my birthday at a party for a friend:

Nguyet’s Birthday

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Meghan’s Surprise Party

Daria’s Birthday

surreal saturday night

later on my birthday…

(or see complete set here.)

Nguyet and Sarah’s Totally Awesome 80s Prom Themed Birthday Celebration

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21st birthday party tonight. All the cool people will be there. you know you wanna!

Happy Birthday, Shannon

Photos and Nguyet’s Birthday

I think I love that photo. Instant classic. Yesterday was Nguyet’s birthday party. Which means, you know, lots of people in one place, to annoy with my camera….

Raphael and Stephanie

Vail and Raphael