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I absolutely loved Christmas growing up. I loved the snow, when it happened. I loved the town being decorated. I loved the family gatherings. I loved buying just…


Family Picnic

On my way back from a family picnic in NY. Looking at the photos… my family is so very white.

Family Reunion

The family reunion was at the bass club in San Angelo again this year. Same old everything, but that’s kind of the point. Took Heidi. Family likes her…

the kids are alright

  Taken at the family reunion in Texas this weekend.

NY, Day 4

NY, Day 2

Texas Day 3

Texas Day 2

2009 in Photos

I just posted my annual collection of photos, for 2009. (Yes… a little late). Same as always: It’s a collection of photos I took last year. The criteria…


My father died on January 5. It’s a horrible thing to contemplate. It’s a macabre thing to discuss with the doctors. And it is without a doubt, the…

The day of my father’s funeral

From left to right: his daughter Reta, his brother Jerry Don, his aunt Alene, his sister-in-law Linda, his uncle David, and his wife Ann.


David “Chunky” Calder June 1, 1940–January 5, 2010

T. Neil Calder: October 23, 1952 – November 1, 2009


My uncle is dying. He’s a good man. I’ve often said he’s the white sheep of the family. But I don’t really have much I want to say…

Texas Day 3

Texas Day 2

Texas, Day 1

sappy shit

I haven’t tried to make New Year’s resolutions since I was in elementary school. And I’d surely break every one of them if I tried now. But I’m…