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Happy Hour


Friends and Places

Wednesday Night

Rhode Island Avenue

Seen as I walked off the Metro (subway) on the way home tonight.


While overall, I can be drawn to a photo for many reasons, there are some obvious trends in my favorite photos (taken by other photographers); as seen by…



Walked past the Chinatown subway exit on my way to a store on the same block. Went in, found what I wanted right away. I paid and left….


Taken walking home at 4:30 in the morning last night.

Burning the Midnight Oil

It’s now a bit after 6:30 am, and I just sent off some art to the client. I promised them something by this morning, and unfortunately I seem…

death to debt

I feel better. I deposited a couple big checks today. And given that it’s also the first of the month, which is when I normally pay myself, I…

dark shit

I’ve talked much shit, in person and in this journal, about the strength necessary to work for yourself. The ability to even conceive of something so outside the…

Massachusetts Avenue

Stay Out, Yuppies

Bucket Drummer