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Birthday Weekend

Friday – Amanda’s Birthday Saturday – Shannon’s Birthday


Sunday: Beginning and End

weekend update

This is one of those instances where the photo isn’t necessarily flattering, but is a wonderful image. Captured Sunday afternoon while enjoying caffeine in the park. It’s a…


Fun weekend, involving movies, dinners, photography shows, graduation parties, and tacos. I said it… Tacos!



When did 15k a second get to be too slow? When did I get old enough to ask questions like that? So I have a few minutes while…


Went out with some friends over the weekend. Fuck… I actually pretty much spent the whole weekend with these friends. But we started the weekend on Friday night…


random fact… A few minutes ago, the water running in the gutters jumped the curb and was flowing over the sidewalks. Damn glad I live on the 4th…

Indri in town

I dropped Indri off at the bus yesterday afternoon. No offense to anyone who’s ever visited me, but when I finally turned around to walk back to my…

a little bit of work… a little bit of fun

Slowly catching up on work. I’ll still be busy through at least the end of the year. And I’ve had two potentially lucrative referrals in the past week,…