Indri in town

I dropped Indri off at the bus yesterday afternoon. No offense to anyone who’s ever visited me, but when I finally turned around to walk back to my place, I actually missed her. I don’t usually miss weekend visitors once they finally leave. Quite the opposite. No matter how great they may be, I’ve been living alone long enough, and rely enough on my weekends to unwind, that visitors throw off my rhythm.I don’t get to calm down. I don’t get time alone to get my head straight.
But I did miss Indri.
indri eating hot dog
So yeah… it was a nice weekend. Just… fun. Nothing spectacular. But it was fun. And active. And … and I ate way too much, and didn’t get enough sleep, really. (As attested to by my oversleeping this morning.) We saw dead people at the Holocaust museum and living things at the Botanical Garden. We finished off the weekend at the zoo, with lots of cute furry things and disgusting slimy things. And Indri rambles on and on, never at a loss for words, except when I said something incredibly stupid, at which point she stares at me like a dog who can’t understand the crazy things humans do. But she’s smart and she’s cute, and she’s nowhere near as innocent and sweet as she would have you believe. (Just look at her obsession with her own butt.)

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  1. sphinxku!

    You ate TOO MUCH?? What are you talking about? You had 1 Gyro – I wanted that!, 1 yellow banana, 1/2 samosa, 1 Lamb Curry, 1 banana split decision, 1 pear for breakfast, 1 bite of my choco taco, and 1 full choco taco. While I had 1 plate of Shish Kebab – mmm.., 1 baklava, 1 over-priced hotdog, 1/2 samosa, 1/2 Malaysian Yoghurt chicken, 1 banana caramel crunch, the rest of my dinner at 10AM (2 chicken breast + rice), 1 (-1 bite) choco taco, 1 peppered bacon sandwich while waiting for the bus, 1 cheese danish on the way home – waaaay too sweet.
    Anyway.. I think you are missing all the vulgar talk on the street.
    As for the butt, my one and only asset.. I’m just happy that it stops jiggling!
    Thank you for having me. It was great to have a chance to meuw at pixel and the cheetah.

  2. You forgot the ice cream from Coldstone. 🙂 And the ice creams you bought from the cart.
    It’s true there was a lot of talk about penises and similarly shaped things. I think you’re trying to encourage me to be a pervert. Not that I normally need encouragement, of course.

  3. sphinxku!

    banana split decision (was it the one you got?) + banana caramel crunch = cold stone.
    Choco taco = the ice cream from vending machine.
    Ehmm.. I wasn’t the one who started the p*n*s talk. I even skipped the word when reading a condom wrapper!

  4. And the ice cream cone from in front of the Air & Space Museum.
    You may not have started the talk… but you sure kept it going. 🙂
    And I wouldn’t say your butt is your only asset.

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