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Have you ever been to New York City? I have, at least four times. And I like it. Just don’t tell anyone I know, because that could get…

Indri @ Pizza 33

Shake Shack

Honest Weight

kimono shoot


Indri sent me this picture the other day. Not bad at first look. But the more I looked, the more I liked about it. The lighting and the…

Indri eating

demure Indri

Indri & Pixel

Indri in town

I dropped Indri off at the bus yesterday afternoon. No offense to anyone who’s ever visited me, but when I finally turned around to walk back to my…

New York, New York

There is something so wrong about sitting here on a Friday night in my pajamas, doing nothing. I should have painted. Or at least sketched. (God forbid I…

Part 4: Christmas Trees

I meant to do some drawing tonight. Not gonna happen. I owe someone a picture, but I am barely conscious enough to write, much less draw. I’ve had…


I know blind, one-legged Buddhists who decorate a christmas tree better than our national tree. The tree itself is kind of frumpy, to begin with. Shouldn’t the national…

Part 2.

A couple little addendums to my last entry. The other thing you should know about Indri is that besides the whole “disgustingly cute” thing, (which she is apparently…

Stormtrooper Indri


Indri’s cake