Part 4: Christmas Trees

I meant to do some drawing tonight. Not gonna happen. I owe someone a picture, but I am barely conscious enough to write, much less draw. I’ve had a finished sketch on canvas done for a few days now, waiting for me to start painting. Want to finish that painting before Christmas, too.
The main cause of my delay, and the reason I don’t feel too bad, is that I finished my Christmas shopping. is my bitch. And… you know… they have all my money, now.
Mostly just want to respond to Indri’s comments in my last email. I could have just left my own additional comments, but if I’m going to take the time and thought to write this, I might as well get credit for a whole journal entry. Plus… it extends the number of journal entries she’s caused to 4.
“If you are commissioned to decorate the National/State X-mas tree what will you embellish it with?”
The idea’s of the smaller, state trees is fine. Having organizations local to those places create some ornaments, and then hang them on a tree surrounding the national tree. But I think many of the places didn’t put much thought into it. I mean… these decorations are representing your entire state to the fucking nation. DC’s sad decorations were just the most obvious example I noticed. DC is nationally and internationally famous for it’s food, it’s arts, it’s music. But do we feature anything done by these local residents? No. We cut out pictures of national monuments to a bunch of dead white guys who never lived here longer than 4 years. Didn’t color them in. Didn’t add sparkles or decorations. Didn’t even worry whether the buildings were actually in DC.
The national tree, though, is just heinous. Trash the gaudy snow flakey things, and the star topper. If I was actually going to do it, I’d obvious put more research into it. But off the top of my head, I just want something more tasteful and traditional, instead of something that looks like it came from the after-the-holidays sale bin at K-Mart. White (water-resistant) cloth sashes going around the tree. Ornaments of unpainted wood and brushed metal. Stripped away about 90 percent of the lights. They should look like a sparse field of stars… not Times Square.
You’re the one who went to fashion school, Indri. What would you do?

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  1. sphinxku!

    For the state tree: I would have a plain tree inside a clear red apple shape snowglobe (with a stem of an apple). Then maybe have a little holes on top so when it snows there is an actual snows on the trees.
    For the time when there is no snow, maybe I will have shreded styrofoam blowing from above (not frantically, more trickling snow flakes) with a super special invisible snowblower. For the lighting, maybe just trapped some fireflies (will they last?) otherwise just have a sprinkle of lights here and there~
    For the national tree: can i commission Christo instead to wrap it in plastic that would look blue in the dawn, white at noon, and red at dusk?
    et voil?!

  2. you can have whatever you want. But you gotta clean it up yourself, afterwards.

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