Those 3 Days

Can I just say that Sarah makes incredibly beautiful Christmas cards? I was so totally clueless that she had made them herself. I am so jealous. Always want to do that, but never do. And the few ideas I bat around in my head tend to be more sarcastic than beautiful. But then, Sarah is special.
And yesterday I found out Indri was seriously looking for a job, again. I thought it was a very… good thing. But I didn’t want to say that. Right now, I can’t remember exactly why. But yes… I was happy. She IM’d me today while I was working, to tell me that she got the job. And you know… even more happy now. Happy that she has something to do again. Happy that it sounds like it’s in her industry, again. (At least remotely). Happy that she has one more reason to stay here, where she seems so… um… happy. (As if I was gonna let her leave.)
Pixel is sleeping and being cute, as always. Well… usually. I did wake up the other morning to find her wandering around the apartment with a plastic shopping bag wrapped around her middle. She was perfectly fine… no potential injury unless she had found a way to gain 15 pounds overnight. But she had somehow gotten halfway through the hole for the handle, and couldn’t make it the rest of the way through. (I was too tired to even think about where she found the bag in the first place.) I de-tutu’d her and carried her back to bed, where she immediately curled up and fell asleep, without a care in the world.
I finished up the final details on my most recent painting and shipped it off to New York, this morning. I did forget to take a picture of the finished work, but oh well. Assuming UPS doesn’t succeed in destroying it, I’ll see it again in a little over a week. So now I REALLY want to work on the new painting. But my schedule is so full, I don’t know when that’s going to happen. I have enough work to keep me busy through the end of the year. Tomorrow night I have a holiday dinner. Saturday I have errands to run during the day, a party in the evening, and a club closing to attend at night. Sunday SHOULD be spent doing more work. But depending on my mood when I wake up that day, I may throw common sense to the wind and work on the new painting. Much more fun than my last one, which had way too much purpose behind it and not enough … release. I still owe someone some drawings too, though frankly they can wait, since I doubt they even remember.
Only one Christmas gift left to buy. And it’s really just a little something extra. So I won’t feel bad if I don’t manage to get it before going home. It involves a lot of potential walking on Saturday. But if they weather is still as nasty as it has been, I may just say ‘fuck it’. I’ll be in New York for the few days around Christmas. (Rob my place if you want, but I take all my valuables when I travel, and you would be left just to face the wrath of the attack cat). All bets are off as soon as the plane touches down in NY, but so far it seems like it may be a fairly calm holiday this year.
No idea what to do for New Year’s Eve yet. But it wouldn’t be the first time I just ignored it when nothing better came along.
yeah. That’s all, I guess. Just wanted to talk for a while. Thank you, and goodnight.

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  1. sphinxku!

    pixel pixel~
    did you take a picture of pixel in a tutu?
    is she staying by herself while you are away?
    meeuw meeuw~

  2. no pictures. I was half asleep, because she had just woken me up.
    There will be someone coming by a couple times while I’m away to check on her.
    (Or are you just trying to tell me to stay away longer again).

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