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Some friends just got new kittens, and are sharing photos over on facebook. Reminding me of early days with Pixel, so I felt the need to dig up…


Unanticipated side effect of the new Macbook. It has magnetic latches for holding the lid shut, apparently at each corner. And Pixel–who loves to rub up against the…


sleep-posing cat

If I disturb Pixel while she’s sleeping–sleeping very deeply– she’ll drowsily lift her head while I scratch behind her ears. But she doesn’t quite wake up, because when…

pixel pause

playful pixel

wicker Pixel


Deathmatch: Pixel vs. Gamorra

The attack cat came through again today. When the apartment came under attack from hostile insect insurgents, she sprang into action—literally. After some tense moments bouncing off the…


Boohiss. I was thinking of going to MoCCA this year, but it turns out it’s the same weekend as my Texas trip. So, last night, I found out…

Indri & Pixel

Pixel Pretzel

Those 3 Days

Can I just say that Sarah makes incredibly beautiful Christmas cards? I was so totally clueless that she had made them herself. I am so jealous. Always want…

Pixel Nap

Mother Cat and Too Many People

You know… I may get kicked out of the He-man Woman Haters Club for saying so, but I love my kitty. And I’m starting to believe that she…

Pixel Flop