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  1. Jm Lysaght

    I came across your picture of Pixel on a website about ME/CFS and happened to click on it. This sent me to flickr, then you, then this website. I am just so stunned b/c I have a girl cat named Pixel that looks nearly identical to yours!! She also sleeps in the same strange ways as yours! As soon as I get a chance, I am going to post some pictures of my Pixel on flickr. So, how did you name her? My boyfriend at the time named her from a sci-fi book about a cat who could walk through walls. And many times I think she can!! She’ll just appear out of no where! Just thought it was pretty cool… Plus, I wanted to say how much I like your photos. I always wanted to go into graphic design and LOVE taking pictures. Well, keep an eye out on flickr to see “the other Pixel” and have a good weekend!

  2. Thanks.
    Pixel was partly named for the same cat in the Robert Heinlein books, and party based on the fact that I am a designer, and hence constantly worrying about pixels.

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