Thought I would whip this out now that the subject has seen the finished piece. The look on the face is a bit psychotic, but then, it was in the original as well. Made some last minute touchups on some stuff I had totally missed, but I like the finished piece. I like the brushwork overall, and it’s the closest I’ve yet gotten to a properly proportioned free-hand painted face. (Painting over a stencil is sooooooo much easier).
A BFA from a four year program, and I still can’t paint. Drawing is easy enough. I miss figure drawing. (Not easy to get people to get nekkid and stand still.) The technical aspects of what relates to what is easy enough. But no one has ever taught me technique for painting. I only work in acrylic because I have no idea how to even use oil.
But it’s fun. And it’s a release. And it feels really good to get messy doing something. And when you’re done, you have something there to show for it.