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Ren Faire / September 20, 2012

Up in New York, Ren Faire was always a lot of fun. A once or twice a summer trip. Having visited other fairs since, I can tell you it’s definitely one of the better setups. Permanent buildings, decent infrastructure. Lots of fun to go and enjoy the weirdness.

But down here, I have friends. Weird friends. Weird friends with weird interests. And some of them really get into Ren Faire. Specifically the Maryland Renaissance Faire. Many, many times a summer, even. So much so that it’s a good bet if I went to the White Hart tavern on any given weekend, I would find people i know. Immersing yourself in the weirdness is one thing… doing so with a bunch of people like this makes it awesome.

Ren FaireRen FaireRen Faire

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