Another year of Dragon*Con has come and gone. I think I have mostly recovered, now. Though I still haven’t completely unpacked.

(What is D*Con? I refer you to last year’s post, or to a currently popular video .)

What was new this year, for me? New people, as always. (Tiny, drunk lesbians. Impossibly sweet, little, Indian woman. The lady with the most awesome job ever. “Don’t panic” girl.) And dancing each night until 6am. (Well… white guy “dancing”). Hearing Bruce Schneier, Alice Cooper, James Randi, Anthony Michael Hall, Billy West, and David Prowse speak. Nothing really special from the vendors this year… a couple pins and some pieces of art. Though there was an awesome gift for a friend, found in the artists’ alley.

As always, the real enjoyment for me is relaxing with friends and taking pictures.