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October 10, 2015 / friends
September 6, 2013 / events

Another year, another dragon*con. The closest thing I have to an annual vacation. 5 days in Atlanta with friends and 50,000 additional crazy people. Less…

August 22, 2013 / events

The hat got around last year… One more week to go.

September 15, 2012 / events

Another year of Dragon*Con has come and gone. I think I have mostly recovered, now. Though I still haven’t completely unpacked. (What is D*Con? I…

September 17, 2011 / events

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September 6, 2010 / events
September 3, 2010 / events
September 5, 2008 / events

Spent last weekend in Atlanta at Dragon*con. This was my second time down there, and my first time when I wasn’t obscenely sick. As expected,…

September 8, 2006 / photo

Yay! Dragon*Con. Or… ”What I did on my Summer Vacation”. Many of my friends are geeks, and therefor attend the annual geek prom gathering in…