Spent last weekend in Atlanta at Dragon*con. This was my second time down there, and my first time when I wasn’t obscenely sick. As expected, it was a lot of fun… a wonderful weekend. Got to see and do so much more, and spend time with a much wider range of friends.
What is it, this Dragon*con? Imagine every geek, nerd, dork, and freak you’ve ever met. Now multiply that by about 1,000 times. Send them all to Atlanta for 4 days of presentations on books, movies, tv, comics, and general pop culture; and make sure they have freaky costumes. 50,000 people. 4 hotels. Oh my.
Went to presentations by Lance Henrickson, Brad Dourif, George Takei, the cast of Firefly. Somehow managed to not buy a damn thing, despite hundreds of vendors. Went out to several REALLY good dinners. Took two trips to the Sundial, a rotating bar at the top of the tallest building in Atlanta, with amazing views. Spent lots of time with friends.
And I will so be back next year.