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Family Picnic

On my way back from a family picnic in NY. Looking at the photos… my family is so very white.

Family Reunion

The family reunion was at the bass club in San Angelo again this year. Same old everything, but that’s kind of the point. Took Heidi. Family likes her…

Watkins Glen

Watkins Glen in NY this weekend. (more on flickr)

Dream Photos

So one of my dream locations to photograph would be the shipbreaking beaches in India or Pakistan. When oceanliners, tankers, and cargo ships get too old to operate…

NY, Day 4

NY, Day 3

NY, Day 2

NY, Day 1

good weekend

Click on any photo to be taken to the full set. (Questions or comments about why so many pictures have attractive women in them, will probably be answered…

Texas Day 2

Texas, Day 1


Spent last weekend in Atlanta at Dragon*con. This was my second time down there, and my first time when I wasn’t obscenely sick. As expected, it was a…


In a few hours, I leave for a convention in Atlanta. Thank gawd. Need to get away from work and idiots. Better to be surrounded by drunks and…


I will travel. I have some money right now. I want to spend it on travel, before I spend it on something silly like bills or food. I…


Day 1 Day 2 Day 3 Day 4

New York, New York

There is something so wrong about sitting here on a Friday night in my pajamas, doing nothing. I should have painted. Or at least sketched. (God forbid I…