I will travel.
I have some money right now. I want to spend it on travel, before I spend it on something silly like bills or food.
I can and will go anywhere in the world.* But… because I don’t relish the thought of a bus tour where you ride for 4 hours, get out and take pictures, ride for 4 hours, get out and take pictures… I kind of have a problem. Since I don’t drive, I either need to go someplace small or with excellent public transportation, or I need to go with a friend who drives.
So… does anyone have any thoughts about either? Does anyone want to travel this year, with company?
And even if you don’t… I’d love to hear suggestions for trips. I have a few places I’ve considered, (Scotland and Denmark, for family background; Indonesia for friends and cool places, Hong Kong, Singapore, and almost anywhere in the US.).

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  1. sphinxku

    since it’s visit indonesia year, you should come to Indonesia!!! Hooray!!! I’ll take you around. Well.. depending on how much time you’ll have, we can do the whole Indonesia on the road for say 6 months, or Bali for a week. 🙂

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