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Lake Anna

I recently went on vacation with Abbey and friends. An annual trek to a lakefront house in the wilds of Virginia, for a long weekend of swimming and…

Blaine Kern’s Mardis Gras World

New Orleans

Dragon*Con 2015

Sugarloaf Mountain

Dragon*Con 2014

Dragon*Con 2013

Another year, another dragon*con. The closest thing I have to an annual vacation. 5 days in Atlanta with friends and 50,000 additional crazy people. Less dancing on my…

The hat

The hat got around last year… One more week to go.


Another year of Dragon*Con has come and gone. I think I have mostly recovered, now. Though I still haven’t completely unpacked. (What is D*Con? I refer you to…


Family Picnic

On my way back from a family picnic in NY. Looking at the photos… my family is so very white.

Dragon*Con 2011

Click any photo to see the whole set.

Family Reunion

The family reunion was at the bass club in San Angelo again this year. Same old everything, but that’s kind of the point. Took Heidi. Family likes her…

Watkins Glen

Watkins Glen in NY this weekend. (more on flickr)

Dream Photos

So one of my dream locations to photograph would be the shipbreaking beaches in India or Pakistan. When oceanliners, tankers, and cargo ships get too old to operate…

Continuing Adventures of Dragon*Con

But those are some of the points that floated to the surface, when I consider the whirlwind stew of crowds, panels, badges, Diet Cokes, swishy skirts, feathery hairpieces,…

D*Con Day 1


Things that strike me about Geneva every time I visit: trees, trees, trees seagulls slate sidewalks farmland porches greeting strangers they big sky the big fucking lake children…

NY, Day 4

NY, Day 3