with a rubber hose

Two weekends ago, I got a lucky opportunity. A friend had to bow out of a scheduled photo shoot, and recommended me to fill her spot. (So I wasn’t the first choice, but I can forgive her for not realizing how wonderful I am…. this once.)
We had a beautiful woman modeling, who was amazingly brave and outgoing. And her costume consisted primarily of a liquid latex applied while we were photographing. How often does this kind of opportunity come up? (Not enough, IMO.) I had a lot of fun. Everyone was amazingly nice. And I got a few good pictures out of it. They’re not all public, because I don’t know that Jennie would want them to be. But if you know me well enough, I’ll probably be willing to share them in a more controlled nature. In the mean time… a sample:

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  1. sphinxku

    nice.. i kinda miss a city with endless object to photograph.

  2. patrick

    You live in a pretty big city yourself. 🙂 With lots of beautiful women!

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