Well, welcome to my inane little ramblings. I dont know wether it’s ego or bordom that drive me to posting my thoughts where all the world can read them.
Guess its pointless to ponder now.
So tell me, does anyone out there actually think job hunting is easy or fun? You know how sick I can get of writing cover letters, resumes, making phone calls, all this… just to hear them say we were looking for someone with other qualifications. (Why the he11 didn’t you say that in the job listing!) Or the places that feel the need to hold a 6 month review process just to hire someone for an entry level job. Though entry level is fairly reletive these days. Seems most people want someone for those positions to have a PHD in Astrophysics.
I graduated from one of the best schools in the country for Graphic Design with my degree right on time. So according to TV and the on-campus job-placement office, I should already be employed and shopping at the Gap.
What’s that phrase Im looking for? mmmmmmmmm……oh yeah:
Someone out there wanna take pity on a poor soul who seems to have lost his mind through extended exposure to the modern educational institution?