I am really friggin tired. I only wish it was from staying out late all nite partying. But noooo… I had to fill out more job applications. Responsibility sucks. (okay, maybe Im a little grumpy this morning)
But I guess I’ll live. So now I have someplace to stay in DC while I am down there for interviews. I just need to get the interviews now. I hate making the phone calls after you apply for a job. I always feel like such a putz over the phone. I have a hard enough time talking to people I know, much less people I am supposed to be impressing.
I ussually just follow a hint I heard somewhere once, about writing down what you wanna say exactly as you want to say it, before you call. Kinda like a script. May seem goofy, but it works. Keeps me from having to think (which is always a good thing).
Speaking of not thinking, heard some more tidbits about my *cough* wonderful school yesterday. You see, we got this university president who seems to have the common sense of a hedgehog. Forget the idea that these schools are here to educate people, and the students should have the biggest say in how things are done. Around here the administration seems to take the stance that whatever will annoy the most people the fastest should be implimented.
Our president, Al Simone. The man, and I use that term loosely, doesnt seem to have a firm grip on reality. He has no idea what the common student goes through. I’ve heard him continually spout ignorant, degrading commonts about the art school, which he doesn’t seem to realize, houses one of the biggest majors on campus. What do you want, he was asked to leave his last job at the University of Hawaii. Came here to supposedly help us save money. But most people I know think he was hired to cut and burn his way through the University, lowering their costs by any mean necessary. But while his programs seem to have done little for this school, Ive seen first-hand the kind of waste that goes on. While working for RIT, I saw countless ways money was spent recklessly, or pointlessly. I think people here have just forgotten this isnt supposed to be a comfy job, it is supposed to be a school.
Ah well.
A coupla years ago, they talked about getting rid of a few programs in the art school. But the entire college protested. There where acts of protest across the entire city. Teachers and students were upset. (No programs were losing any money, the administration was just following the theories of Darwin). But in the end, no programs were cut.
Cool, right? EEEEEEEEEEEE! wrong answer.
Over this past summer, while there is only a skeleton crew of students, faculty, and staff, the administration quietly cut at least one of the art programs (textile). I had a friend who wasnt even sure if they were going to let her graduate, because some teachers weren’t sure if they wanted to stay any more.
Its not that the classes were being cancelled. They were being kept. They just werent offering the majors any more. Does this make sense to anyone?
All I gotta say, is that if you’re coming here for an art program other than Graphic Design, be prepared to fight for your classes.
Let’s see nowe if this page still exists tomorrow, or if my account gets accidentally erased. Don’t worry, if it does, you can be sure it will show up again within a week on a private system.