So right about now you’re asking yourself, “What ever happened to that cute boy who wrote those wonderfull essays?”. The answer being of course, he grew up and changed his named to Mark Twain. As for what Ive been doing… well, once upon a time:

Lets see, I think January was the last time I wrote here. On the fifth of that month, I started a new job at DKG. A very cool place if I do say so, (which i think i just did). Have some great people to work with. A boss who trusts me and respects my opinion, an art director crazier than I am, and a bunch of other people who just dont seem to fit in anywhere else.

And let’s not forget about Pizza Day! The wonderful time each week when the big guy opens his wallet for a domino’s catered lunch. (nothing but the best for our boys outta uniform)

Anyways, onto hopefully more sane thoughts.

Dispite some second, third, and fourth thoughts, I’m still here. A rough spring trying to decide what I was becoming. Final decision? Too introspective.

*** big deleted babbleing ***

told ya I was too introspective.

So fastforward, ummmmm, 6 months. I step into my new apartment and cant believe how good everything looks.Im still getting adjusted. But something nagging the edges of my mind has been sated. I probably proved something to myself. All i know is, I have a job I enjoy going to every day, people I love and who reciprocate, and a nice apartment in the capital of everything.

*** quiet moment waiting ***