so i found myself thinking yesterday (always a memorable occasion). If ya look at it, apartment buildings sure look like dorms for old people. You pack a bunch of people into one building… with the shared laundry, mailroom, etc. The differences though are welcome. Private bathrooms. Youve never really had the communal restroom experience until you had to use a stall after a 300 pound drunk korean. And Ive yet to hear latenight panting coming through my walls from the neighbors. Not to mention my kitchen is the size of my college dorm room.


i love computers… what they can do. And I enjoy video games all the more. But no one can tell me they dont affect you. Besides the obvious waste of time. Every time I finish playing a game, my mind is spent. I cant concentrate worth shit on anything. Very annoying.

The internet is an amazing thing. I knew about the last set of attacks on Iraq before they anounced it on the radio, by catching a blurb on the CNN homepage. We proceeded to watch live RealVideo footage of the attack. Or when I ordered christmas presents, and the company gives you a tracking number for the package: I was able to find out exactly where the package was at any given minute, and knew when it was waiting for me at home, even though they hadnt put a slip in my mailbox yet. But why cant this wonderful tracking and high-speed updating keep all those presents I ordered from coming in late?

I think I better go eat while this video game wears off.