okay… maybe that child care thing didnt come through… but my taxes are still messed up, or not messed up, depending on how you look at it. Either way, I stand to make some lump some money i think/hope. I finally found the address for sara’s journal page today… got to read most of the stuff for the first time. funny… made me realize why I love her even more.

mmmm… comic book day. (sorry… homer simpson flashback)

splain something to me. you know that little box on your tax forms that says “if you do not need forms mailed to you next year, check here”? Well… I checked it last year… cause I moved out of New York. So what do they do? I just got a letter from the New York Tax Department saying ‘since you didnt want new york tax forms mailed to you, we’re going to mail you a sticker for your new york tax forms’

okay… I remember what i wanted to talk about now…

just when the hell did God say unto man, “you will be a will-less sap. all who claim to represent me may control your life”. All my life Ive seen and heard people support their beliefs and agendas by quoting the Bible. Hasnt this ever occured to anyone to be pretty damn flimsy? Hey… Im a rightous, God-loving dude myself… but why, may I ask, does some 2000 year old guy’s interpretation of religion give some bastard in Georgia the right to condem all homosexuals to hell? Ive done some reading in the book myself… lots of nice stories, with morals and everything. Some songs too. But I gotta tell ya, theres damn few places that even claim to be the exact word of God. And what about those that do? If Jethro, the plumber from two doors down the hall, claimed God said unto him, “blessed are the geek, for they shall inherit the earth”, does that mean you’ll start worshipping Bill Gates as the new messiah?

The Bible is a good thing to read. It has a lot of suggestions on how to lead a moral life. But come on… think for yourself. Religion offers one of the best opportunities out there for intellectual debate. But so many people become bogged down in the scripture, they cant decide if some millenia old lifestyle might not be relavent anymore.

They told me once in Sunday School, when trying to explain evil, that God put us down here, and gave us free will. It made things more meaningful that way. If someone gives their devotion to him because theyve weighed the options, its gotta be worth more than if he compelled worship from the masses.